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Welcome to the The People Against Cedar forum. This web site is intended to provide information on how to manage allergic reaction to the mountain cedar (Ashe Juniper) and other allergens, advice on Fire Hazards plus offer management control for this invading tree. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about the ashe juniper and its detriment to your health and possible safety. Please select the picture link below to go to ALLERGY, FIRE, or MANAGEMENT sections:


  Get ready for a cedar allergy Storm!

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To get a perspective of Texas wildfire danger, go to: A Perfect Storm (Firestorm)....

The People Against Cedar promote community awareness in the effort to manage mountain cedar. We specialize in public awareness as the management of this plant continues. At this site, you will discover current information about studies, management programs and the latest effective approaches to control or reduce cedar trees in the Edwards Plateau region of Texas. These same approaches of control can be applied to other areas of the country where ashe juniper resides. See the section on Allergy Advice including Other Allergy News  for help with allergies.

Allergy issues with ashe juniper have been our foremost thrust to date. As such, we have presented a year around graphic of the allergy contributors which extend beyond ashe juniper.  From the chart, it is obvious that there are many allergens. However, the most pernicious is the ashe juniper.

As you read our section on Allergy Advice, I trust that you will find practical advice for your situation. We continue to look for and assess remedies for allergy relief. There are links for other efforts to help Americans manage their allergy problems. We do not ask for any monetary contributions; however, if you find the info helpful, please share with friends or family.

From us at People Against Cedars, we thank you our readers!